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Artisan Goodies

Fruits, teas and jams are produced in Esőemberek Association Workshop are handmade, using only natural - if possible organic or eco – ingredients, and do not contain preservatives. The harmony of the goods is arisen by the combination of traditional home recipes and modern flavors. Fruit tea and jam are available in several flavors.

The best Belgian chocolate and premium ingredients are used for chocolate products made in Kockacsoki workshop. The traditional delicacies made by artisan technology require the highest attention, with particular emphasis on food safety. In Kockacsoki workshop young people with autism can work so buying these chocolates you can promote the employment of people living with autism. Chocolates are also available in several flavors.

In collaboration with Autistic Art and the 1000TEA teahouse, uninque packaged, specialty teas are created. The package of Autistic Art are brilliantly beautiful artworks that combine art, design and charity.

Malta Hibiscus tea is created with the help of disadvantaged people. By purchasing a heat-reflecting hibiscus tea with its pleasant aroma, flavor and deep purple colors, it supports the charitable activity of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta. Badge

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